This is Tess - Jefmor Fire And Ice Of Hamason. We weren't even looking for a dog when she came into our lives but we were completely smitten. We had her as a pet, with a view to showing her if she was good enough. She was a very lively, energetic puppy and was a real handful when we started out in the showring. So lively, in fact, that I couldn't handle her so Spencer had to take over. He has done a brilliant job with her, as he had never shown a dog before Tess so they both had to learn together. But they have made a great team, gaining Tess's KC SBN in May 2015.

Tess retired from the showring in November 2015, only making the occasional appearance at local shows until she reached the age of 7 - officially a Veteran!! She competed in her first Veteran class at The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Championship Show under Maureen Ward on Sunday 12th November 2017. From a class of 11 bitches, Tess was placed VHC, only beaten by 4 champion bitches, and beating several other champions, who walked out of the ring without a card!! Tess had showed her socks off for Cameron, who handled her to perfection that day.

Sadly, just 2 weeks later, Tess passed away on 27th November 2017. She had a uterine tumour, which we knew nothing about, and despite emergency surgery and a blood transfusion, we had to say goodbye. We were, and still are, devastated. But we'll always treasure our time with Tess, though it was cruelly much too short. R.I.P. "Smidge".