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I am so proud to say that I was born into this wonderful breed, in the Heart of the Black Country, where the breed was founded. I am now a third generation Stafford owner and lover, as my Dad, Harry Robinson, was born into it too, more or less at the time the breed first became recognised by the Kennel Club!!

My Mom and Dad moved to Dudley in the late 1960's, where we all still live today, and founded the Hamason affix in the very early 1970's from their names - Harry and Maureen Robinson. Dad began showing in 1972 and this bitch gained her Junior Warrant with over 50 points and went on to become their first Champion Red Rapture of Hamason.

The second dog shown was to become their first home-bred Champion Hamason Red Rambler and these two champions are the foundation of all of the Hamason line. The first litter produced by Red Rapture and Red Rambler was very successful, producing a bitch Champion Hamason Red Radiance.

The same litter also produced a dog, Hamason Red Rajah, both of these going on to produce champions of their own, including a Canadian Champion Hamason Sure Surprise. The first Stafford I handled was our brindle bitch, Brindle Queen of Hamason, full sister to Champion Red Prince of Hamason and The Red Avenger, all bred by Jeff Ford with his bitch Powerstown Suzie mated to our dog, Hamason Red Rajah.

I went on to handle Champion Hamason Red Reknown, bred from Hamason Red Rosita and Champion Hamason Red Rambler. I enjoyed some success with Ch. Hamason Red Reknown during 1985 before he gained his title in 1986. I was there, with Reknown for every one of his shows when Dad was handling him too, his C.C.'s, Best of Breed and title in 1986.

We exported the litter brother to Champion Hamason Red Reknown to Belgium where he also became a Champion Hamason Red Rebellion.

At this stage I was 16/17 years of age and didn't really find dog showing quite so interesting!! In fact, the very next dog show I went to was in 2010, taking my Dad to judge "Stafford of the Year" run by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club at Stoneleigh Park in November of that year. This was the first time that my husband, Spencer, had ever been to a dog show and had joked on the way there, asking if they sold puppies at such shows??!!

Well, it's funny how things turn out isn't it? After the judging was over, we saw Jeff Ford and his wife Karen and took the opportunity to have a chat. Dad jokingly mentioned Spencer's comment about having puppies for sale and Karen said they had a litter of 3 puppies, just 3 weeks old, one dog and two bitches and proceeded to show us some photographs. Karen and Jeff invited us over to see them whenever we wanted and made the offer there and then that we could have the pick of the bitches.

A week later we went to see the puppies and, you've guessed it, a month later we were walking away with our beautiful girl, Jefmor Fire and Ice of Hamason.

I really wanted to add the Hamason affix to her name, as it meant so much to me and our family, and Mom and Dad kindly agreed to officially sign to share it 4 ways with myself and Spencer, ensuring that the Kennel name that is almost as old as me will continue, hopefully for many years to come.

Can you imagine our surprise and delight when looking back through Tess's pedigree, we found that she went back through several lines behind her grandmother - Lucky Lucy Lass at Oxstoks - to Steeleye Sting, Champion Red Prince of Hamason and Hamason Red Rajah - right back to the foundation of the Hamason affix with Champion Red Rapture of Hamason and Champion Hamason Red Rambler. We have come full circle with the affix, and the connection with Jeff Ford, and we thank him and his late wife Karen for Tess who will hopefully continue to do the wonderful Hamason affix proud.

So, it's now 5 years since Tess - Jefmor Fire And Ice Of Hamason - stole our hearts and took over our lives. She has introduced us to a whole new set of friends in the show world and you can see some of her results elsewhere on our website. We have been so pleased with how well she has done and we thank each and every judge who has placed her so highly. In May 2015 we were absolutely delighted when Tess gained her Kennel Club Stud Book Number at Morecambe Bay and Cumbria SBTC Championship Show with Kay Aspen judging. She came 3rd in a strong Open Bitch class of 9, beating several Champion bitches for her placing. This means that Tess is now qualified for Crufts for life!!!

But in late 2013 we took a brief break from the Showring as we decided to breed our first litter from Tess. We decided to use Cruz - The Man At The Top, owned and bred by Tina Hubble. The puppies were born on Saturday 9th November, 3 gorgeous red dogs.

At 8 weeks old, Raph went to live with Scott and Elaine Duffy and their girls, Patsy and Faye. He now has two new friends, both Staffords that Scott and Elaine rescued - Donny and Mikey - I think Leo will not be long coming along as Patsy loves the Ninja turtles!!

Max now lives with Richard and Beccy Rushton and until very recently, their old Stafford, Trinity. Sadly, Trinity has recently gone to rainbow bridge where she is back with her brother, Neo.

As you have probably guessed, we kept Oscar - he was the first puppy born in the litter and he stole our hearts from the second he came into the world. We think he was also Tess's favourite - that's if Mothers can have a favourite??!!

3 PUPS - L-R: Hamason Red Reverence (Raphael), Hamason Red Revival (Oscar), Hamason Red Remembrance (Maximus)

Oscar has grown up to be the most loving, good-natured dog I have ever known. His temperament is fantastic and we are constantly stopped in the street by people of all ages, saying he is the most gorgeous dog they have ever seen. We are biased I know, but we tend to agree!

Oscar is also the reason that my brother David and his partner, Jaki, also decided to get a Stafford of their own - Sam - Barielle Black Buccaneer Of Hamason. Sam is also a lovely boy with an amazing temperament.

In early 2015, Oscar was used at stud and produced a litter of 5 beautiful puppies, 3 bitches and 2 dogs. They were bred by Phil and Jill Studley from their bitch, Tess - Merry Miss Mayhem At Studstaff. They were a fantastic litter - here they are at 3 weeks old with their Mom, Tess:

We were over the moon when Jill and Phil allowed us to have the pick of the bitch puppies and in May 2015, Rosie - Studstaff Sugar And Spice Of Hamason - came to live with us.

Our little family of three generations is complete - for now! They are all very different in character and temperament and not a day goes by when one or another of them makes us laugh out loud or surprises us with their intelligence or gentle nature.

As you can see, our little family can be a lazy bunch!!

But Rosie has followed her Grandmother Tess into the Showring and has done us proud for a Baby. She qualified for Crufts 2016 at her very first show - Darlington Championship Show, September 18th 2015. She was just 6 months and 6 days old and came 3rd in a very strong Minor Puppy Bitch class of 10, beating a lot of puppies quite a bit older than her. The judge was Maureen Ward, who we thank most sincerely for giving Rosie a flying star. Maureen also gave Tess a 1st place at Bournemouth Championship show in August 2013. Rosie's full results are detailed elsewhere on our website but, at the time of writing this, she has been placed in the first 3 at every show she has been entered in, taking Best Puppy Bitch at South Wales Kennel Association in October 2015 under Elaine Pearson. Elaine also placed Tess 1st at Crufts 2012 in a class of 25 so Rosie is definitely following in Tess's pawprints and, hopefully, she continues to do so!!

Rosie has continued to have a fantastic show career, gaining her Junior Warrant in July 2016 meaning that she too is Crufts qualified for life!!
Along the way she has won Best Puppy In Show at the North East SBTC Limit Show under Craig Stokes in February 2016. She gained her Junior Warrant at Notts and Derby District SBTC Championship Show under Ann Dick when she won Yearling Bitch.

  • firstplace in Junior Bitch at Bournemouth Championship show under Gill Thomas.
  • first place in Graduate Bitch at Northern Counties SBTC Championship Show under Paul Quinn.
  • first place at Driffield Championship Show in Yearling Bitch under Susan Chesters.

We have had a fantastic 12 months showing Rosie - Studstaff Sugar And Spice Of Hamason JW ShCM- and these are just a few of her wins at Championship show level. At Open Shows she has won several Best Puppy In Breed, many Best Of Breeds and been consistently placed in the Terrier Group, having won the Group and was short-listed for Best In Show at Monmouth in June. Rosie has now also gained her Show Certificate of Merit - another accolade that we are absolutely delighted with. We are looking forward to what the future holds.

2017 has been another great year for Rosie in the showring. She qualified for the South Wales Kennel Association Puppy of the Year Competition where she beat over 40 pups of all breeds to reach the semi-finals!!

In 2017, her success in the showring has continued with her Champ Show results:

1st Post Grad bitch at WELKS under Gillian Skelly,
1st Post Grad Bitch at Driffield under Frank Marlow,
1st Graduate Bitch at SCCA under John Dare,
1st Graduate Bitch at WKC under Mansell Frayne,
1st Graduate Bitch at Darlington under John Scanlan,
2nd Limit Bitch at SKC under Carol Ridley,
2nd Post Graduate Bitch at Windsor under Gary Hinsley,
2nd Graduate Bitch at Three Counties under Mark Marshall,
2nd Graduate Bitch at City of Birmingham under Archie Bryden,
2nd Undergraduate Bitch at Paignton under Mick Clark,
3rd Post Grad Bitch at Richmond under Cornelia Bergundthal,
3rd Yearling Bitch at Manchester under Vera Westwood

Her Open Show results have been just as impressive in 2017:

1st Open Bitch & BEST OF BREED - Jayne Lewis
1st Post Grad & BEST OF BREED - Samantha Fricker, TERRIER GROUP 4 - Mick Oxley
1st Post Grad & BEST OF BREED - Linda Payton, TERRIER GROUP 4 - Julien Barney
1st Post Grad & BEST OF BREED - Jose Martinez
1st Post Grad Bitch & RESERVE BEST BITCH - MB & C SBTC - Mike Ritchie
1st Post Grad - Paul Eardley
1st Yearling Bitch - SBTC Limit Show - Michelle Southall
2nd Limit Bitch - Potteries SBTC - Simon Thomas
2nd Graduate Bitch - SBTC of South Wales - Teri Owen
3rd Limit Bitch - North West SBTC - Paul Sutcliffe
3rd Post Grad Bitch - Boston DCS - Joe Ashe
3rd Post Grad Bitch - SBTC of South Wales - Gail Ross

We are looking forward to 2018 and hope you will come back to our website soon for further updates on Tess, Oscar and Rosie!!

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Sadly, Tess - Jefmor Fire And Ice Of Hamason - passed away very suddenly on Monday 27th November 2017. She had a uterine tumour, which we did not know about until it ruptured. She had shown no signs of pain or illness and had been her usual mad, whirlwind self until the moment she was taken ill.

We lost her within 24 hours which was such a shock. We are still completely devastated - our first "champion".

R.I.P. "Smidge".

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Since losing Tess 2 years ago we did continue to show Rosie through 2018 but towards the end of that year, we decided to breed a litter from her.

We spent a lot of time considering suitable stud dogs and eventually agreed to use a dog we had known for a while - since he was a puppy actually - CH BIGGLESWICK SPLASH OF GINGE. He was the top-winning male Stafford in the UK in 2017, with 4 CC's & 2 RCC's.

We were absolutely delighted when Rosie gave birth to 3 puppies on 14th March 2019 - 1 Bitch & 2 Dogs - Belle, Frank & Fynn,

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Photo's above, from left to right - Belle, Frank & Fynn at just a few hours old.

Belle, Frank and Fynn started their show careers at just 6 months old but due to Covid, everything stopped and was put on hold from March 2020 until July 2021. But during that brief 6 months of showing, all 3 of them had some amazing results:

Fynn - HAMASON FYNNBAR FIRECRAKER - Best Puppy Dog @ Driffield Champ Show

Belle - HAMASON BELLE O'THE BALL - Best Puppy In Show @ Downlands SBTC Show


Fynn is owned and loved by my brother David and his partner Jaki, who live just next door.
Frank is owned and loved by Jayne & Karl Lewis, who also own their sire - CHAMPION Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge.
Belle still lives here with us and her mother Rosie - Studstaff Sugar And Spice Of Hamason - and her grandfather Oscar - Hamason Red Revival.

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