Looking For A Puppy?


It can be an exciting time looking for that new puppy to add to your family. You know you definitely want one that is a happy, healthy bundle of joy and so you should. You must remember there are many important things to consider as well and it is hoped this will help you to understand the correct way to go about finding a happy, healthy and well reared Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy.
First things first, are you ready for a dog? Before buying a puppy or a dog, ask yourself:

- Most importantly, is a Stafford the right breed for me and/or my family? - Contact your local Breed Club Secretary Breed Club Secretary to find out any local meeting places, shows, events or recommended breeders.

- Can I afford to have a dog, taking into account not only the initial cost of purchasing the dog, but also the on-going expenses such as food, veterinary fees and canine insurance?

- Can I make a lifelong commitment to a dog? - A Stafford's average life span is 12 years.

- Is my home big enough to house a Stafford? - Or more importantly is my garden secure enough?

- Do I really want to exercise a dog every day? - Staffords can become very naughty and destructive if they get bored or feel
they are not getting the time they deserve. They are a very people orientated breed and love human company.

- How long will the dog be left at home alone? - Staffords get lonely just like humans.

- Will I find time to train, groom and generally care for a Stafford? - Grooming is the easy bit but where you save time there training will swallow it up. Staffords are a very clever breed but they need lots of time and consistent training from
puppyhood to adult to help them become well-adjusted and better behaved individuals.

- Will I be able to answer YES to these questions every day of the year? - Only you can answer that but please think hard before you make your mind up.


Be aware of adverts selling puppies in local papers and on various dog selling sites on the internet, there are no
background checks so any dodgy dealer can advertise on there. Alarm bells should ring if the advert reads like

- 2000 champions in the pedigree - a reputable breeder won't sell puppies based on these silly numbers, it won't guarantee
quality or health..... it is just a sales pitch.

- Rare blues - there are no rare blues, about 75% of all puppies registered now are actually blue. Current KC Registered Colour Statistics Current KC Registered Colour Statistics

- Red Nose Staffy, Long Legged Staffy - there is only one Kennel Club registered Stafford and that is the 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier', the other colourful names are given to mongrels.

- Rare Merles - there is no merle in this breed nor has there ever been. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland stopped the option to have puppies of this colour registered. So if you see a merle coloured Stafford ask yourself how did they manage that?

- Blue champion stud dog - currently there has never been a blue UK Champion (dog or bitch).

- Father sired 2000 litters - this just means that the dog has been used a lot, so another sales pitch.

- £1500 for green, £3000 for the rare coloured puppies in the litter - a reputable breeder will sell all puppies at the same price regardless of colour or sex. For a well reared, fully health tested Stafford puppy the average price is around £1500.

- Never buy a puppy that is delivered without you going to visit first and seeing the litter in their home environment and with their mother.

- Don't go for one that's a bargain and/or dropped price because it is the last one left or the breeder has a holiday booked in a few days - that's not the attitude of someone who cares about their puppies and where they go. Could they have also cut corners with rearing/raising the litter?

Remember if something doesn't seem right don't be fooled to rush in and buy! Always give yourself time to think about making the right decision - a reputable breeder will not push you into having one of their puppies, or make you feel like
time is running out. They will want to find out if you and their puppy will be well suited for one another's needs.


- Are the puppies Kennel Club registered? - You could be buying a cross breed if they are not Kennel Club registered.

- Are both parents hereditarily clear for L2-HGA? - Don't buy if untested, politely say goodbye and hang up!

- Are both parents hereditarily clear for HC? - Don't buy if untested, politely say goodbye and hang up!

- Have both parents been eye screened for PHPV/PPSC and are they clinically clear? - Don't buy if untested, politely say
goodbye and hang up!

- Will the litter be eye screened for PHPV? - Reputable breeders who care about their puppies will do this prior to them
leaving home. Don't buy if untested, politely say good bye and hang up!

- Are the puppies micro-chipped? - From 2016 all dogs in the UK will legally need to be micro-chipped; reputable breeders
already chip their litters.

- Have they been wormed regularly? - Worms take away vital nutrition from the puppies so if infested they won't thrive.

- What are the parent's temperaments like? - A Stafford's temperament should be reliable; not human aggressive nor

- Was the litter reared inside? - Puppies are better socialised indoors with all the hustle and bustle of family life going on around them, they get used to being handled and around people from an early age.

- Will they have a contract? - The contract is a legally binding document that both you and the breeder will sign if you both agree to the sale of the puppy. Most breeders state that if you can't keep the dog/bitch then it is returned to the breeder,
which is fair as no breeder wants one of their much loved puppies to end up in a rescue or in the wrong kind of environment.

- Are there any endorsements on the puppy? - There are two endorsements that can be placed 1. Export pedigree not allowed. 2. Progeny not eligible for registration - which means you can't breed from your dog until the breeder lifts the endorsement. These should be explained by the breeder in full detail.

- Do you have all the paper work available for me to look at? - The breeder should show you all the paper work when you visit and explain to you about health testing, the contract, endorsements placed and why.

- Explain to the breeder a bit about yourself, if you've had a dog before, if you want a family pet or one to show or a budding agility star. That way the breeder will have a better idea about what you're looking for in your puppy i.e. a lively little character would most probably thrive in an agility home, where the quieter litter mate would be more suited to a young family.

- If you can think of any more questions write them down before making contact with the breeder.

- Expect a few questions back, it's only natural that the right homes are being sought by the breeder, just like you want the right puppy for you.


Well, we are breeders and we do occasionally have puppies for sale so by all means contact us - we will be pleased to have a chat or drop you an e-mail with details of any puppies we have or litters we have planned.

The Kennel Club website is a great place to source lots of information, including information about getting a dog and specifically finding a puppy.

There is a great website called Champ Dogs where you will find a comprehensive list of breeders and details of any of those breeders that currently have puppies available.

There is also a FaceBook Site that is run by responsible breeders who ensure that all puppies advertised are KC registered and fully health tested.

But if you want a well-bred, fully health-tested Stafford puppy, you may need to be prepared to wait for a while. I know it can be frustrating but please don't be tempted to buy your puppy from a back-street breeder - there are a lot of scammers out there and many people are being ripped off hundreds of pounds by paying deposits for false litters. Please DO NOT pay any deposits unless you have met the breeder and Mum with her Puppies and feel that you can have a good relationship with them moving forward.