Replacement Roof for the SBT Heritage Centre

Paddy Enfield

Ok folks we now have a dilemma that will affect the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Community "Worldwide".
We have to ask ourselves a question !!!
Do we want the Heritage Centre to carry on for the benefit of us at home & for those overseas to visit whilst guests in our country ?
If it's a no then fine but if it's a yes then now is the time to think & help.
The roof on the centre is the last but most expensive job that needs doing. More importantly it's also the one job if not done that could be sounding the trumpets that see it close down. The council will be doing an inspection soon & without the roof being sorted then they could say no more (I'm presuming a health & safety issue if nothing else). They have been very generous on their part by giving a massive lease to the trust but on proviso that all repairs & modernisation is self funded. At this time the cost could run between £12000 & £15000 & there is only £3500 approximately in the kitty. Alan Hedges has kindly offered himself up for ridicule to help to raise some & we have a few items pledged to auction but I'm afraid it will be too little too late.
Please help now by digging deep & helping so that they can continue to be there for generations to come.
It is a registered charity & can only survive if we as a community do our bit to keep it alive.
Registered charity number is 1110633 should anyone need to check.
The PayPal link is :

Please dig deep folks !!!