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Yeovil and District Canine Society - 13th July 2019 - Clare Robinson-Cox


Yeovil & District Canine Society - Open Show - Saturday 13th July 2019
Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

I would like to thank the society for inviting me to judge this show and also a big thank you to Libby & Marcia, my ring stewards, who ensured the ring ran smoothly.
This was an outdoor show and the weather was kind, being warm but cloudy ensuring the dogs were not too hot. The ring was of a good size, though a little uneven, and the local Air Show did not appear to distract the dogs too much.
Quality of dogs on the day was excellent and thank you all for your entries. All classes were mixed sex.
PUPPY 3 (0)
1: HANDS & FREEMAN - GAZSTAFFS BLACK VELVET. An 8 ½ month old black brindle bitch with a pleasing head shape, dark eyes and neat, well-placed ears. She has a good width of chest and a straight front with tight, well-padded feet. She has sufficient rib for a pup of her age, close-coupled and short in the back. She moved and handled very well. Pleased to award her my BEST PUPPY IN BREED and delighted that she then went on to take TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 1. Well done, I think you will do very well with this girl.
2: BRECKELL - CHISWELSTAFF PENNY BLACK. A 7 ½ month old black brindle bitch. She has a decent head shape, neat ears & dark eyes. She has a straight front and ample bone. She moved well when settled but I am sure ring presence will improve with age and experience. I just preferred the more compact and balanced overall outline of my first-placed puppy on the day.

JUNIOR 3 (0)
1: BRECKELL - CHISWELSTAFF DÉJÀ VU. A striking brindle dog of 14 ½ months who immediately caught my eye as he entered the ring. He has a lovely head-shape with good skull to muzzle ratio and a gorgeous expression, which won him the class on the day. He is clean-faced with no wrinkle or excessive fleshiness, a good, broad skull and neat ears. He has a good width of chest, a straight front with a good forechest and depth of brisket and a good spring of rib. He has plenty of bone and moved really well for his handler. Pleased to award him my RESERVE BEST OF BREED.
2: EMERY - ECLYPSTAFF STRANGE MAGIC. Black brindle bitch of 17 months. She had a decent head shape and a lovely expression with neat, tidy ears. She had a good, straight front and a nice width of chest, neat feet and moved well.

1: COOPER - SHERACRUZ DOIN THE BEST I CAN. A 2 ½ year old red dog with a striking black mask. He has a good skull to muzzle ratio, lovely neat ears and the darkest of eyes which just grab your attention. He has a lovely wide front with ample bone and a straight front. Good spring of rib, level topline when standing and on the move. He has nice, tight feet, correct tail-set and carriage and moved very well.

LIMIT 2 (0)
1: MARSHALLSAY - FERGUSTAFF TUDOR QUEEN. A stunning white and red pied bitch just approaching 2 years of age. She has a great skull to muzzle ratio, clean-faced and tight-lipped. Lovely dark eyes and neat ears giving an overall very pleasing expression. She has a good width of chest, plenty of forechest and a good, straight front with plenty of bone. She has a good spring of rib, short in the back and close-coupled with a level topline when standing and on the move. She has the correct tail set-on and carriage and moved very well. Overall this bitch gives a very pleasing impression and for me, is a great example of our breed, fitting the breed standard very well. Pleased to award her BEST OF BREED and she later went on to take TERRIER GROUP 4.
2: MIGNANO-FRICKER - CALAVEY'S MAGICAL DREAM. A 4 ½ year old brindle bitch who was slightly taller and longer caste than my class winner, though still having many of the attributes I wanted to see. She has good bone and substance with a decent head shape and nice expression. She has a wide, straight front, good spring of rib and a level topline held when standing and on the move. She moved very well both front & back.

OPEN 5 (2)
1: MIGNANO-FRICKER - CH PANTYCELYN JUST A DREAM OF CALAVEY ShCM. A lovely brindle bitch who is now a veteran, though you would not know judging by her condition. She has a lovely head shape with correct skull to muzzle ratio. Plenty of bone, a nice wide chest and straight front. A good spring of rib, close-coupled, short in the back and a level topline. Good tail set and carriage and moved very well. A real quality bitch and still a real credit to her owners who keep her in such lovely condition.
2: MARSHALLSAY - FERGUSTAFF JACK FROST ShCM. A 3 year old fawn dog with a black mask. He has a lovely expression with the darkest of eyes, neat ears and a good head shape. He has plenty of bone, a wide chest and straight front. He has sufficient rib and depth of brisket, though was slightly longer in the back than my first placed. He has a level topline, correct tail set and carriage and moved well on the day.

Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)